Why choose us


Our Experience

Each of our practitioners has a minimum of 5 years in the field of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. As licensed acupuncturists by the CT Department of Public Health and diplomats of the NCCAOM, we have the highest possible credentials in our field.

We’re Down-to-Earth

We realize the day to day responsibilities of the modern world can get in the way of living your life in the healthiest possible way. At CT Family Acupuncture, you won’t be subjected to lectures or belittled about your lifestyle if it doesn’t live up to the highest ideals of our medicine. Also, there’s no crystals or chanting here 😉

All We Do Is Acupuncture

Unlike some health professions that can actually legally perform acupuncture with no formal training (yikes!), we practice one form of medicine and one form only – acupuncture. At CT Family Acupuncture, we’re not jacks-of-all-trades, we’re masters of one!

We Use VYV Wellness Mats On All Our Tables

We take pride in making our office as comfortable and welcoming as possible. One of the personal touches we use are VYV Wellness mats – infrared heating pads utilizing jade stones to increase circulation and promote calm and relaxation. Getting on our tables has been compared to a warm hug from an old friend 🙂

We Take Insurance

CT Family Acupuncture is a pioneer in accepting medical, personal injury, and workers compensation insurance for acupuncture treatment. While not all policies have coverage for acupuncture, we will do our absolute best to work with your insurance when at all possible.