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At Connecticut Family Acupuncture, our goal is to help as many people as possible realize their optimum health naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical or surgical interventions.

We are 100% committed to our patients and pride ourselves on our ability to utilize our extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to get to the bottom of each person’s health concerns.

We understand that finances can be a major factor in deciding to pursue acupuncture treatment and we vow to do our utmost to get our patients covered to the maximum extent their insurance allows. We are active on the local and national level in efforts to expand acupuncture coverage to all.

Meet Matt & Jill


One reason for my seeking treatment with Matt was to address chronic joint pain in my shoulder. I was pursuing surgery to address the problem. Since receiving acupuncture treatments however, my pain has substantially eased and I am greatly relieved to no longer feel the need for surgery.
Carol Pilkin
The pain in my left knee was crippling. At times I could not walk at all. Western Doctors told me it was a serious degenerative bone condition and that the only way to remedy the pain would be through expensive knee surgery to remove the bone fragments. Since I had no health insurance I turned to Jill Kleiber. After a few wonderful acupuncture treatments my knee pain subsided and for three years now it has not returned. I don’t understand how it works, I only know it worked for me.
Eva D.
Jill, you were so amazing and helpful in preparing my body for having a baby and then finally in getting pregnant. Your care enabled me both physically and emotionally to have a healthy pregnancy. We are now so thrilled to have our sweet Ruth as a part of our lives and are grateful to you for the part you played in bringing her to us.
My name is Linda, and I’m 70 years old. I was on a 13 day cruise and decided to try acupuncture. I had never tried it before but I cannot say enough about it or Jill. Jill has a fabulous way of working on anything that is bothering you. I’ve had one knee replaced and have arthritis in the other one so step climbing has been a problem for many years. Thanks to Jill, within a few days I was climbing two flights of stairs with no problem. She worked on my diet, my back, shoulder, hands and just about everywhere else. I was sorry when the ship docked as I wanted more treatments. Since coming home I have found someone in my area so I can continue the treatments. Usually when I walk in, I tell him “de-stress me” and it works. I tell everyone to try it!! It doesn’t hurt but it does help!
I have had fibromyalgia and all the pain that goes with it for the last several years. Traditional Western medical doctors only give you pain medications or look at you like it isn’t that hard to live with. Those of you who suffer from fibromyalgia know how real the pain is and how hard it is to do even the simple things or just enjoy life. I discovered acupuncture purely by accident and received my first treatment from Jill and was amazed how well I felt. It was almost like my old body was moved into a new one. Each treatment that followed made me feel better and better. There was less pain,and that alone allowed me to get my body moving; which in turn allowed me to stop using the pain medications and live a more normal life. I would certainly recommend acupuncture to anyone who wants a more natural approach and to take control of their life and live it to the fullest.

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