Our Locations

West Hartford                    Hours

173 Oakwood Ave                                      MON-FRI: 9AM – 7PM
West Hartford, CT 06119

Parking & Office Info

Please park behind the office when possible and enter through the turquoise front door (if you need use of the ramp in the back to enter, please let the staff know prior to your appointment so we can leave the back door unlocked).

In the event that the parking lot is full in the back, street parking on Oakwood is available right outside the office. After 5:00PM, you may also park next door in the parking lot of Attorney Stolarz at 169 Oakwood Ave.

Formerly West Hartford Acupuncture.

Bolton                         Hours

1212 Boston Turnpike,                 MON, TUE, THU: 10AM- 7PM
Bolton, CT 06043                         FRI: 10AM-2PM

Parking & Office Info

The entire parking lot is for CT Family Acupuncture and there’s generally more than enough parking. The entrance is not the door in the front of the building – it’s on the right hand side of the building if you’re facing it from the street (this is generally where most of the cars will be parked).

Keep in mind, our sign is set back from the road a good distance due to state and local regulations, so keep an eye out!

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