Tina Nicastro

Tina Nicastro, MAOM, L.Ac

Tina Nicastro


Tina Nicastro, MAOM, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist specializing in holistic fertility and hormonal health.
She’s the author of Conceive: A Heroine’s Journey to Awaken Natural Fertility. This book outlines her holistic fertility approach, designed to deeply support women along their journey to motherhood. She uses elements of this program in the acupuncture clinic, and dives into them more fully in her 1:1 holistic fertility coaching offerings.

Tina earned her master’s degree from New England School of Acupuncture in 2014 – logging over 3000 hours of clinically focused training – and she’s since immersed herself in post-grad studies for herbal medicine, advanced acupuncture techniques, and women’s health.
These include:

  • six consecutive years in the Graduate Mentorship Program with renowned women’s health herbalist, Sharon Weizenbaum
  • advanced studies in distal acupuncture with Si Yuan Balance Method, the long-time mentees of the late master acupuncturist, Dr. Richard Tan
  • certification and ongoing mentorship in Five Element Functional Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, a trailblazing treatment method synergizing the wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern nutritional supplementation and mind-body healing techniques.

Tina is preparing to sit for the ABORM fellowship exam: American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine is the national gold standard for reproductive acupuncture + its integration with modern biomedicine. And within the next couple years, she plans to complete her doctoral studies at PCOM (Pacific College of Oriental Medicine).

Tina’s always been a nurturer, a mother hen, a teacher. She earned her undergraduate + first graduate degree in theater/dance and secondary English education, which led to her first career as a high school English teacher and drama director. Her deepest fulfillment as a teacher was supporting young people as they explored and expressed who they were and how they envisioned their lives.
During this time, however, Tina suffered massive burnout. She’d achieved quite a bit outwardly, but her physical and mental health plummeted. It was a wake-up call which led her to embark on a healing journey. Along the way, she developed a deep appreciation for natural medicine, nutrition, and self-cultivation practices.

Tina eventually left her teaching career in search of a more fully aligned life, and “by chance” landed an office manager job in a fertility acupuncture clinic. Every day at work, she’d witness patients’ amazing results and hear their stories: “I tried everything. Nothing worked. Until I found acupuncture.”

It was this experience that helped Tina see her future was in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. While at NESA, she discovered her passion for all things women’s health, nourished and healed her own menstrual irregularities, and was pregnant with her first child by graduation!
Tina’s mission is to help women live pain free, in flow, and in alignment with their natural cycles. She believes our bodies are infinitely wise and carry within them the power to heal. Whether a woman is trying to start a family, birth something new in her life, or transitioning into menopause, vibrant feminine wellbeing, regulated nervous systems, and balanced hormones provide the foundation for a fully expressed life.